Shopping for Miss Megatron

Who knew shopping for a baby could be so much fun. Of course if it wasn’t for our own I’m sure it wouldn’t have been that great.

However overwhelming it was to see everything we needed to get prepared for and haven’t even crossed our mind, it was really neat thinking about the fun (and I’m sure not so fun) times we have in store for our future.


After we found out that Baby Miss Megatron (wife is even less convinced of the nickname now) is a girl we were eager to go buy at least one baby outfit this weekend and since we were already there, we decided to get started on a small registry.

After we tired our selves out, we rewarded ourselves by buying each a daddy and mommy related onesie outfit.

The monkey cap on the one I picked out cracks me up. So excited to see my baby girl wear these.


4 thoughts on “Shopping for Miss Megatron

  1. Saw your video on YT! What an amazing way to share the news of your baby! I hope all is well with you and mommy-to-be!

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